Executive Team performance is a combination of talent and functional skills across a team of individuals. Because of the potential variables in developing the team, the “one-size-fits-all” approach of most Executive Coaching programs is less effective than the proprietary methodology used by Performance in Mind®. These programs typically focus solely on increasing awareness in the individuals, but if the individuals do not know how to change – or what to change – they cannot change.

Competent leadership doesn’t just happen, and no one can do things they do not have the potential to do. But many people are not aware of the range of things they or their co-leaders have the ability to do. Potential is the foundation for the ability to perform, so we believe it is critical to know about the potentials of those individuals who hold, or seek, leadership positions to enable your team to perform optimally.

At PIM, we use tools and assessments to evaluate potential for both talent and functional skills. We create case-based programs tailored to assess and develop the functional skills needed to lead, such as critical thinking skills, team collaboration, and operational style. We combine that information with additional insights we assess that tell us about the individual’s ability to fully use the functional skills they have or have the potential to develop.

The functional skills combined with talent and potential are the areas we focus on to develop the optimized performance of your executive team. In other words, our programs are not only customized for your team, they follow a solid methodology that improves performance by optimizing both functional skills and talent. This is the Performance in Mind® advantage!

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