Who We Are

Performance in Mind® is a human performance consulting firm that works with C-Suite Executives, Executive Committees, and high-performance teams within a range of business sizes and industries, including sports, finance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, professional services, sales, and others. We improve corporate decision-making by optimizing the performance of the C-Suite Executives leading the company.

PiM uses a unique approach to assess the talent and functional skills of each team member to provide greater insight into team dynamics and create a development plan that leads to better overall performance of each individual and, subsequently, the team. Our methodology even helps your executive team make better decisions for succession planning and candidate selection by assessing the candidate’s decision-making skills, not just technical expertise.

By helping your organization to make better hiring and promotion decisions that are predictive of superior outcomes under the pressure of both ordinary and extraordinary operations, we can produce results for your growth that far outpace any coaching model. In other words, our methodology adds valuable insight into and the ability to plan for more smooth functioning of your executive team – from the moment the team is formed or changes. And we couple that with our proprietary and proven performance coaching to drive optimal results for your organization.

Building upon the findings from over 35 years of high-performance assessment of athletes, business leaders and teams in both arenas, Dr. Nick Molinaro and his team provide a detailed analysis of the characteristics of your team that impact corporate performance, and create an effective playbook for executives and organizations to improve their decision making and, therefore, corporate results.

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