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In today’s business world, identifying the “right” talent is a challenge as resumes are written for keywords and as eye-candy. Interviews are also poor predictors of potential and performance, and, given the marketplace’s changes, management is pressed to find the skills of today and the adaptability for tomorrow. Increasingly, it is hard to find a good candidate.

How can you be more confident that you are making the right decision or find the fastest path to the next level of performance?

At Performance in Mind, we use proprietary diagnostic tools and assessments that enable us to develop a detailed and objective profile of each prospective or current team member. The profile’s assessment suite is weighed against industrial benchmarks, and it considers your position’s applicable competencies – such as critical thinking skills, team collaboration, and operational style. These comparisons generate the necessary data to analyze the individual’s ability to fully use the functional skills they have or have the potential to develop. When combined with your related individual and environmental information, the Performance in Mind profile will be a key component of and perfect complement to your ultimate decision-making.

Performance in Mind takes a unique and individualized approach to executive coaching and leadership development – one that uses assessments to evaluate your  functional skills and talent, as well as your values orientation. These assessments are a key input and springboard toward getting you and your organization the targeted results required in the shortest time possible.

However, the tests are just one piece of the puzzle. At Performance in Mind, we go beyond the any “one size fits all” approach. Well beyond. All assessment data is linked to Dr. Nick’s rich understanding of human performance, built over more than 35 years of psychological experience working with elite performers across multiple functions and fields – including business and industry, professional and Olympian sports, and the military. Through this interpretative lens, we dive deeper than other consultants to reveal hidden insights and more pertinent findings. Expect to have your awareness heightened around such indicators as your situational awareness, engagement, risk profile, and decision-making tendencies. This debriefing – with an action plan – is your Performance in Mind advantage!

Our team coaching is predicated upon helping individuals become aware of and understand their “whole” self in relation to and in the context of others. The aim is to increase a sense of belonging, role understanding, and subsequent engagement.

We utilize and leverage multiple diagnostic instruments, probing interviews, and customized surveys in order to accurately assess the environment. We can assist with strategic planning support for the HR function, address challenges that are barriers for organizational effectiveness, analyze organization structure, and bring solutions in areas of suboptimal talent outcomes. 

Within teams, we can assist with strategic alignment, staffing assessment, cultural cultivation, and helping individuals understand their role and its dependencies. 

Our programs focus upon enhancing functional skills combined with talent and potential. They are not only customized, but they also follow a solid methodology that improves performance by optimizing both collective and individual skills.