Success Stories

The DNA of Leadership and Teams is the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of people on your team that enable them to be as effective as possible. No one can do anything they don’t have the potential to do, but many people are not aware of the range of things they, or their co-leaders, have the potential to do. Since potential is the foundation for the ability to execute in performance, it is essential to know about the potentials of those individuals who hold or seek leadership positions to enable your team to perform optimally. Here are just a few examples of our success stories:

A partner at a client company was going through a drop in performance and we were asked to assess the situation. We found abnormally high levels of distractibility and low action focus. The individual started a Performance in Mind® development program intent on improving these qualities over the course of a year.

This partner now runs the fastest-growing subsidiary in the company and generates the most revenue overall by any partner.

A fast-rising, high potential employee was having trouble relating to coworkers. Because this individual is extremely driven, there were also concerns about the potential for burnout. Over a number of coaching sessions, we were able to coach this person to understand the negative aspects of her perfectionism and how to deal with the emotions it caused and often reflected on to colleagues.

After coaching, this employee continues to be a high-level performer but is more engaged and less stressed. The interpersonal issues with coworkers were solved, and this individual has recently been promoted.

Senior management of a firm was concerned with a highly valued individual’s unwillingness to take on the responsibility of managing others. Performance in Mind® was brought in to consult on the situation and was able to suggest a non-equity partner arrangement whereby everyone ended up satisfied.

In this case, we were also able to help senior management understand that not everyone wants to be a leader of others, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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