Performance in Mind® takes a very unique approach to executive coaching, one that uses assessments to evaluate both functional skills and talent to create a more complete development plan that drives true executive team performance improvement and competent leadership. The standard “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work. A data-driven plan with measurable outcomes is best for getting your organization the results you need in the shortest time possible.

PiM uses a series of online tests that enable us to develop an objective profile of each team member. Our assessment suite generates the necessary data to analyze the essential factors influencing your performance. But the tests by themselves are not sufficient for creating targeted team performance plans with optimized outcomes.

Performance in Mind® goes deeper than off-the-shelf test and reporting methodology. All assessment data is linked to Dr. Nick’s rich understanding of human performance, built over more than 35 years of experience working with elite performers. Through this lens, we dive deeper than other consultants or standard reports to reveal hidden insights and more pertinent results in the assessment data. PiM delivers custom, personalized reports that will help you quickly get to the next level of performance or decide the probability of success of adding a potential candidate to your team.

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes. Working with Performance in Mind® represents an investment into the future of the organization and its employees, helping the organization to grow optimally and retain top talent. We help current employees unlock new levels of performance and become more productive within the organization. Teams become more cohesive, projects move more quickly, and employees wind up feeling more valued and fulfilled. In the hiring process, we help organizations identify the right candidates for open positions, and avoid those who might not be a correct fit.

In a corporate environment, Performance in Mind® provides three primary services:

  • Strategic Performance Coaching
  • Evaluation of Talent
  • Corporate Culture Development

No one can do what they do not have the potential to do, but many people have the potential to do more – or different – things than they are typically called upon to do. Performance in Mind® uses a series of tools and assessments to build a profile of each member of your executive team that relates to the ways they will perform and uncovers both their strengths and areas in which they can improve. Then we use those findings to create a playbook for executives and organizations to improve their decision making and, subsequently, corporate performance.

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