Blog Post: Bradley Borne Wellness

Performance expert Bradley Borne recently praised PIM and discussed our partnership together on his blog. Find the full post here.

Dr. Nick uses a psychological assessment called the TAIS (Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style) which is an assessment of 20 essential mental skills under pressure.  The Navy Seals use this test. Dr. Nick generously took me through his assessment which focuses on questions relevant to performance and how you think, behave and react in competitive situations. He was clear in explaining to me that this is not a personality test, as personality is not necessarily a great predictor of high-level performance.  

In the “debriefing” we discussed baseline information about my strengths, weaknesses and tendencies and how to use this insight in improving my mental performance. I was amazed with the experience and how Dr. Nick quickly determined what my tendencies might be under pressure.  His approach is diagnostic, prognostic and prescriptive, allowing him to help athletes, executives and high-performing people in their careers and in life.

Dr. Nick has added great value to several of my clients struggling on the mental performance side of their game.  Meeting Dr. Nick and being able to add the psychological aspect to my comprehensive approach has been a game-changer for my clients.  Much of Dr. Nick’s work is done through his company, Performance in Mind, which focuses on high-level executives.  It’s no surprise to learn that most of the companies he works with were connections made through golf.  His process with these executives is similar to golfers identifying where they put their focus and attention.

Dr. Nick and I are working on some exciting projects offering corporate wellness coaching to high-performing executives, combining the mental and physical aspects of golf and work performance. Please contact me if you would like more information or if you would like me to connect you with Dr. Nick.

Bradley Borne

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