Talent Assessment

Talent requires potential, and each person on your team has different potentials. Just because your CFO can handle the financial governance of your business doesn’t mean they are the best person to handle your payroll administration. We tend to over- or under-estimate another team member’s potential based on specific examples of overt behavior or even job title. This is not a good approach when you are trying to make selection or succession decisions for your executive team because potential may exist beyond the exhibited behaviors.

Performance in Mind® uses proprietary assessments that help us determine the underlying talents of each person on your executive team and develop a plan to optimize these talents to improve the overall competence of your executive team. We use this information in conjunction with other assessments that provide insights into an executive’s functional skills to help you create development, hiring, and succession plans for your entire team.

Functional Assessment

We all know team members who have – or lack – the “mental toughness” to perform under pressure. The ability to think critically, analyze a situation fully, collaborate with others, as well as create and operationalize a plan are crucial to the success of any executive leader. Without these skills, people cannot reach their full potential – if they are even aware of that potential – or lead effectively.

Performance in Mind® provides specialized and case-based services that help your leaders develop and use their functional skills more fully. Our methodology has been applied in corporate environments as well as in elite sports performance. It is tested, and proven to work better than any other coaching model available.

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