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Who Are We

We are a talent management consultancy helping individuals, teams, and organizations optimize performance under pressure with data-driven coaching. We use time-tested, proprietary diagnostics to understand an individual’s decision-making and information processing methods. From these insights we generate prescriptive guidance to enhance high-level performance.

Our Mission

Our passion is peak performance. Our founder, Dr. Nick Molinaro, has spent his career studying, working with, and advising high-level performers and professionals across business, sport, and military environments. As a matter of scientific inquiry, he has always been intrigued by and focused upon the essence of performance excellence, particularly when execution is required under pressure. Through his research and practice, he has developed a subject matter expertise to help others successfully understand and develop the cognitive skills needed to rise above. Dr. Nick’s passion for peak performance is what drives Performance in Mind. It is our purpose. Our entire team not only share his passion for peak performance; we are obsessed with it. We believe that our innovative methodology, unique analytical tools, and collaborative processes – all guided and backed by the latest research – will guide you on an unprecedented reflective journey of meaningful self-discovery, new understandings, and mindful transformation. You will attain previously unrealized growth and development for yourself, your team, and your organization. Your performance will reach new heights, and the best version of yourself will be realized. This is the Performance in Mind advantage. This is why we’re here.

What We Do

  1. We use proprietary diagnostic tools weighed against industry, company, and role-specific marketplace benchmarks to develop objective and holistic individual profiles.
  2. The profile yields individual insights surrounding a wide variety of applicable competencies such as critical thinking skills, team collaboration, attention, intention, and operational style. These insights ultimately shed light upon behavioral and cognitive responses under pressure.
  3. Using this data, we rapidly develop leadership skills by coaching to optimize performance and decision-making leading to more effective and efficient execution, increased agility and resiliency, and improved adaptability, all tracked by quantifiable results.

  4. We train mind mechanics dependent on an individual’s specific needs – ranging from clearer tactical and strategic thinking to superior emotion and stress management.
  5. We facilitate self-discovery and self-awareness, key processes to reach a heightened performance level with better self governance 

Why Choose Us?

we stand as a beacon of excellence in talent management and performance optimization. Here’s why individuals, teams, and organizations choose to partner with us:

Our consultancy specializes in data-driven coaching, utilizing time-tested proprietary diagnostics. We leverage advanced assessments to understand how individuals process information and make decisions. This data forms the bedrock for personalized, prescriptive guidance to enhance high-level performance.

We recognize that every individual, team, and organization is unique. Our approach involves crafting tailored solutions that address specific challenges and goals, ensuring that our guidance aligns perfectly with your needs.

We have a track record of delivering tangible results. Through our coaching programs and workshops, clients have achieved measurable improvements in decision-making, performance, and overall productivity.

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in talent management, psychology, and organizational behavior. With their wealth of experience, our consultants offer unparalleled insights and strategies to unlock your potential under pressure.

We don’t just focus on short-term fixes. Our consultancy takes a holistic view, fostering sustainable growth and development. We provide ongoing support and resources to ensure lasting changes and continued success.

Our commitment to your growth extends beyond the coaching sessions. We provide continued support, follow-up sessions, and resources to ensure that the positive changes you experience are sustained over time.

Some Numbers

we empower individuals, teams, and organizations to excel under pressure through data-driven coaching. Here are some compelling numbers that highlight our expertise and impact

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improvement Rate
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