Cognitive Leadership coaching

Cognitive Leadership coaching

Our pragmatic approach relies upon our unique coaching process that uses diagnostic, prognostic, and prescriptive tools. Our data-driven coaching programs feature one-to-one coaching with leading performance consultants that have outstanding credentials proven track records, and specific industry experience.

Tier One: Developing Mind Mechanics

Developing Mind Mechanics is a 4-module, tailored coaching program that helps individuals gain an understanding of their underlying tendencies for processing information and making decisions. This understanding creates a foundation for enhanced stress management and high-level performance, personal growth, and professional development. The program includes customized, in-depth interpretation and prescriptive analysis of an individual’s assessment findings, including how to leverage core strengths, as well as how to identify and address limitations. Sessions establish goals, realities, growth opportunities and strategies, and essential processes for optimal performance.

Tier Two: Optimizing Team Performance

Team performance is a combination of talent and functional skills working toward common goals. Building upon Developing Mind Mechanics, Optimizing Team Performance is a set of 4 additional coaching modules that are recommended for current and future managers and leaders seeking to expand and elevate their skills for leading people by cultivating a productive work environment and culture. The program includes a multi-faceted curriculum with readings, diagnostic psychometric assessments, reference materials, and actionable takeaways for each sessions.

Tier Three: Becoming the Cognitive Leader

Becoming the Cognitive Leader is a 12-week program that helps executives consistently and efficiently make great decisions under pressure so that they can position themselves, their teams, and their organizations for success. The program includes a curriculum used by top managing directors at Fortune 500 companies, consisting of advanced mental skills training in every essential area of decision-making; a suite of diagnostic psychometric assessments, readings, written materials, and recorded video sessions; and actionable takeaways for each session that can be shared and used with team members. Sample topics include self-awareness, culture, goal-setting, and metacognition

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