When Decision Making Matters Most

Performance in Mind works with leaders to improve executive performance.

Meet Dr. Nick

Who We Are

We are a talent management consultancy helping individuals, teams, and organizations optimize mind performance under pressure.

We use time-tested, proprietary diagnostics to understand an individual’s decision-making and information processing methods.

From these insights we generate prescriptive guidance to enhance high-level performance.

The Performance in Mind Difference:

  • We take a holistic view and explore the entirety of an individual, not just their personality.
  • We get to the root factors of ‘how’ decisions are made, not just how similar or different two individuals are.
  • We do a deep dive into understanding decision-making processes by analyzing the building blocks of performance such as a person’s awareness, risk-taking, anxiety, and many more areas.
  • In addition to these building blocks, we address more innate predispositions and traits such as frustration tolerance, tendency to use intuition versus planning, being other-directed versus self-directed, capacity for grit, and other foundational tendencies that impact decision-making processes.
  • Isolated cognitive processes, traditional cognitive benchmarks, and individual personal or professional competencies are not significant enough alone to predict leadership success.
  • You need to understand both innate qualities and the prevailing environment to predict an individual’s performance or to create the most effective plan to develop them as a leader.


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