How Is Your Executive Team’s Decision Making?

Performance in Mind® works with leaders to help improve executive performance.

Meet Dr. Nick

Performance in Mind® gets results for your company by optimizing the performance of your leaders, and our approach is unique. We use time tested, state-of-the-art tools to assess talent, corporate culture, and strategic executive performance coaching. Then we apply the results to create an action plan for growth.


“It was clear to me that, within weeks of working with Dr. Nick, his advice and analysis on KSA’s investment process was beginning to pay dividends…. I highly recommend Dr. Nick to anyone looking to improve their own personal or professional productivity.”

~ Dan Khoshaba
KSA Capital Partners

“I have worked with Dr. Nick and his colleagues on a wide range of projects on behalf of my company and our client companies.  They are brilliant minds and great people to work with.  The services provided by Performance in Mind® can be a game-changer for your organization.”

~ Hugh Miller
Marquee Consulting Alliance, Hollyrock/Miller Marketing Communications

Dr. Nick and CCY have formed a “strategic partnership” in several areas including Assessments for our Executive Search team and HR Consulting areas, with Dr. Nick acting as a leadership consultant for many of our executive teams.

In my line of work, we are exposed to all sorts of personality assessments and tests and have used them in our Executive Search practices for assessing talent. To be very frank, until now, I have never seen a test that has absolutely nailed my personality and tendencies under pressure (both work and sports-related). I am constantly amazed by Dr. Nick and his team.

~ Shawn Baker
Managing Director
Cochran, Cochran & Yale

Dr. Nicks and the Performance in Mind® tools coupled with his vast experience has allowed our organization to identify employee motivational factors and have helped to create better leadership tools and diagnostics.  We now have objective proven data to make sound decisions. He has provided our organization with insights allowing us to select the right people for the right position.  We are no longer in the “try it and see if it works” or the “let’s take a chance” mode. I highly recommend Dr. Nick to any organization that is struggling with talent acquisition and leadership identification and development.

~ Bart G. Bartholomew
Vice President, People Operations
Fortune 500 Company

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Performance in Mind® improves Executive Team Performance

Why PiM?

Competent leadership doesn’t just happen, and no one can do things they do not have the potential to do. Performance in Mind® uncovers the potential in your people to help your leaders develop and use their functional skills and talent optimally.

Functional Assessment

Critical thinking, situational analysis, collaboration and the ability to put a plan into action are crucial to your success. Performance in Mind® provides specialized and case-based services that help your leaders develop and use their functional skills more fully.

Talent Assessment

Performance in Mind uses standardized assessments that help us determine the underlying talents of each person on your executive team and develop a plan to optimize these talents to improve the overall competence of your executive team.