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Performance in Mind works with leaders to improve executive performance.

Meet Dr. Nick

Dr. Nick Molinaro,  boasts over 35 years of extensive expertise with an illustrious career which includes working closely with collegiate, professional, world-class and Olympic athletes across a diverse spectrum of  sports . Dr. Molinaro is dedicated to offering unparalleled mental skills assessment and training aimed at unlocking your full potential as a diver.

Dr. Nick Molinaro
performance & sport psychology

Who We Are

We are a talent management consultancy helping individuals, teams, and organizations optimize performance under pressure with data-driven coaching. We use time-tested, proprietary diagnostics to understand an individual’s decision-making and information processing methods. From these insights we generate prescriptive guidance to enhance high-level performance.

Our Mission

Our passion is peak performance. Our founder, Dr. Nick Molinaro, has spent his career studying, working with, and advising high-level performers and professionals across business, sport, and military environments. As a matter of scientific inquiry, he has always been intrigued by and focused upon the essence of performance excellence, particularly when execution is required under pressure.  learn more 

Our Services

Talent Insight. Professional Development. Organizational Development. Performance in Mind uses a data-driven approach unlike any other

Diagnostic Tools

We use proprietary diagnostic tools weighed against industry, company, and role-specific marketplace benchmarks to develop objective and holistic individual profiles.

Analyzing Diverse Competencies

The profile yields individual insights surrounding a wide variety of applicable competencies such as critical thinking skills, team collaboration, attention, intention, and operational style. These insights ultimately shed light upon behavioral and cognitive responses under pressure.

Using Data

Using this data, we rapidly develop leadership skills by coaching to optimize performance and decision-making leading to more effective and efficient execution, increased agility and resiliency, and improved adaptability, all tracked by quantifiable results.

We Train Mind Mechanics

We train mind mechanics dependent on an individual's specific needs - ranging from clearer tactical and strategic thinking to superior emotion and stress management

Empowering Performance

We facilitate self-discovery and self-awareness, key processes to reach a heightened performance level with better self governance

Our Team

The Performance in Mind consulting team consists of lifelong learners, subject matter experts, and scholar-practitioners across multiple disciplinary fields with diverse expertise and deep business experience.

Dr. Nick is a licensed psychologist with over 35 years of experience in clinical, sport, and performance psychology. He serves as a strategic performance consultant to Fortune 500 companies in the financial, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing sectors. His roster of elite athletes includes players in the PGA, LPGA, NBA, and NFL as well as USA Olympic team members in multiple sports.

Dr. Nick Molinaro, CEO/Founder

Kieran is a strategy and analytics partner with experience in applying psychometrics to business cases. He is a TAIS Qualified Professional II and has analyzed thousands of assessments. He has a BS in Evolutionary Anthropology from Rutgers University and a certificate in Data Science also from Rutgers

Kieran Buckley, Partner

Joe serves as the executive coach for the Rutgers Business School's Executive MBA (EMBA) program and is a senior editor for the Rutgers Business Review. He was formerly an Associate Dean at the Rutgers Business School and an Associate Professor of Professional Practice in the school's Supply Chain department. Joe holds a Master's Degree in HRM from Rutgers University and an Executive Coaching certification from the Columbia Business Schoo

Joseph Schaffer, Consultant

Marshai is a performance consultant working with professional and collegiate athletes focusing on mental fortitude, cognitive performance, stress management, and mindfulness. She has spent over a decade working to address challenges related to anxiety, depression and life transitions. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has a M.A. in Counseling from California State University, Fresno. She is a former Division I athlete.

Marshai Iverson, Consult

Lorette is a qualified industrial organizational psychologist with experience in psychological assessment for talent selection and development, leadership, career development, organizational culture, training facilitation and coaching. She holds a master's degree and her research focuses on psychological capital

Lorette Theron, Consultant

Ryan is an active-duty U.S. Army Captain and full-time MBA candidate at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Ryan has served as an Infantry Officer since 2012 and has held leadership and Commander roles in conventional and special operations units throughout the U.S. Army and Allied NATO Force. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School, a senior military parachutist, and U.S. Army Pathfinder.

Ryan Crayne, Consultant

Our Happy Clients!

Don’t just take it from us, a few words from our clients:

Dr. Nick and the PIM team have been key collaborators and trusted partners for our executives and senior management team at Wiss. Through their state-of-the-art analytics and correlating guidance
It was clear to me that, within weeks of working with Nick, his advice and analysis on KSA's investment were beginning to pay dividends.... I highly recommend Dr. Nick to anyone looking to improve their own or professional productivity."
"I have worked with Dr. Nick and his colleagues on a range of projects on behalf of my company and client companies. They are brilliant minds and great people to work with. The services provided by Performance in Mind® can be a game-changer for any organization."
"Dr. Nick and the PIM team have been key collaborators and trusted partners for our executives and senior management team at Wiss. Through their state-of-the-art analytics and correlating guidance, they have provided valuable talent insights for us, as well as prospective hires."
"Dr. Nick and the Performance in Mind suite of tools, coupled with his vast experience, have allowed our organization to identify employee motivations."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries on Sports, Fitness, and Wellness

Our data driven coaching is based upon assessments of decision-making processes and not personalities.  Personality assessment provide an understanding of this function of the person.   Inferences can be made from them but it is not the same as assessing the specific processes used in decision making under pressure processes.  We use the Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style  (TAIS) to assess decision making under pressure (please put red button for TAIS here to shift to specifics on TAIS which I  will provide ) Once the assessment and personal debriefing is accomplished a “Playbook” is developed per individual and may include additional goals established by key stakeholders.

Our proprietary interpretation of data  will integrate  all assessments into the “PlayBook”  Customized assessments  will include decision making under pressure, consensual validation, personal interviews, values assessment to determine cultural biases towards colleagues and leadership, cognitive processing from operational through tactical strategies, intuition,  creative decision making, etc.

We provide tailored sessions for individuals, dyads, small group, etc. to optimize performance under pressure.  Specific comparisons can be made per individual in the context of the above groupings with customized norms when appropriate to do so.  We have a statistician and analytics expert available to review the potential of customizing the norms per group if requested.  We offer customized presentations with leading experts in many fields in leadership, corporate culture enhancement, talent identification/development, etc.

PIM integrates its data driven diagnostic, prognostic and prescriptive processes into a customized program offering for individuals, dyads, small groups, etc.  Stakeholders such as HR Directors, CEO, COO, VP, Dept. managers assist in the formulation of a ”playbook” per individual or small group.  Once the PlayBook has been approved the 4 session coaching sessions can begin.  At the end of the 4 sessions we will meet with the Key Stake Holders to share feedback and determine if an additional 2-4 sessions are recommended.  The process can be ongoing depending upon the nature of the program needs

Our consultants are experienced professionals specializing in talent management, psychology, and organizational behavior. They hold relevant certifications and have a proven track record in coaching individuals and teams to achieve peak performance.